May 21, 2023

Joanna + Cory – City Hall Engagement

Cory and Joanna first connected in the fall 2016 at a Gopher tailgate. They chatted for a little while then went separate ways for the rest of the day (she was in a year-ish-long relationship at that time…so she wasn’t thinking anything of it. Little did she know she just met her future husband!). For the next year, they bumped into each other at different parties and events their mutual friends hosted. Joanna never forgets thinking “Wow, there’s something about that guy”. Conversation easily flowed, they read so many of the same books and she admired how creative (and handsome) he was. Fast forward to spring, 2018. Joanna had broken up with her boyfriend, got a new job, and moved in with my college bestie all in 3 months – a full life reshuffle. She invited him to her apartment-warming party in April, and they went on their first date a week after that. Safe to say, the rest is history!

Cory is an attorney for Hennepin County and Joanna is an interior designer at ESG Architecture and Design. The free-flowing creative and the rock-solid logic guy. Minneapolis City hall seemed like the perfect spot for their engagement session. You get the beautiful building design and courtrooms. After city hall, we jumped over to North Loop to grab a drink. I can not wait to capture their wedding this coming August.

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