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October 31, 2019

Halloween Inspired Wedding – Virginia Beach

I have known Callie since I was 5. We used to argue if cats or dogs were better during class in Kindergarten. As we got older we would walk to each others’ houses on snow days or every day of summer break. In high school, we worked at a local pizza place together. We have one of those timeless friendships. One in which we are so beyond different from each other, but yet she knows and loves me in a way that doesn’t come from adult friendships. So when she told me she was having a Halloween inspired wedding I knew that she must be marrying the right person if he was on board with this.

Meeting Marc for their engagements was so fun. He instantly understood my humor and embraced all of the fun prompts during the session. I know their wedding was going to be so fun.

The ceremony was at the beautiful Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA and the reception at O’Connor Brewing Co. Both very fitting for them. The day was filled with a ton of laughs and even a few arm wrestles. I couldn’t have felt more honored to capture my childhood best friend’s wedding.

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